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Remodeling and Home Design    
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                                    WE CAN HELP CREATE YOUR DREAM

Founded in 1985, Artesanos Design Group has created diverse and innovative designs for over 20 years in Mexico and United States. From our modest beginnings, we have grown into a full conceptual and design studio with a solid reputation for innovation, design and craft manship.

With a professional staff and full support from our suppliers, artists, and associates, Artesanos Design Group offers clients an established and proven group of professionals with the reputation for quality and design that exceeds client expectations.

We work with Architects, Builders, Contractors,and Private Clients. Our design solutions are created specifically for each and every context. We seek only what is appropriate. We work closely with our clients, including “hands on“ principal management” , tailored to build consensus at every stage of a project.

Ultimately , our designs start with clear strategic goals and plans, and end with appropriate and meaningful designs. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to provide you a partial glimpse into our constant evolving portfolio.


We are not heroic designers who impose strong, self expressive personal statements.

Our mission is to create a diversity of projects which are truly a reflection of our ability to weave solutions into their context. Our commissions are public and private, large and small, and through this experience, we constantly strive to bring civic responsibility to all aspects of our search for the proper solution.

We are widely recognized for our successes on highly complex projects with multiple user groups, as well as with small individual projects. This has allowed us to create a diverse portfolio of private and public commissions such as governmental agencies, schools, retail stores, restaurants, religious facilities and residences.

• Concept, Design, Decor
• 3D Digital Rendering, BIM
• Decorative Finish Outs
• Product Specification
• Feng Shui, Color Palettes
• Murals, Trompe L'eoil, Faux Finishes
• Concrete Counters & Floors
• Venetian & European Plasters
• Area & Product Distribution
» Bonded & Insured
» Nationally Certified
» Project Management Capacity
» Local & Nationwide Service
» Authorized Dealer
» Distributor - Decor
» Master Crafstman
» 20 + years experience

Remodeling and Home Design